SpaceExcess is the online marketplace for spacecraft, launch vehicle hardware, components, and system software, as well as collectibles from past space missions.

SpaceExcess provides a one-stop portal for sales and purchase of excess inventory, overruns, cancelled program space hardware, and needed parts for active space systems. It provides the community with a much-needed marketplace for space hardware salvage, tailored to aerospace professionals and collectors.

Most importantly, this marketplace has been structured in collaboration with experts in regulatory compliance -- including ITAR and EAR -- to help identify qualified buyers.

Examples Include:

  • Non-Controlled Mil-Spec Components
  • Hardware
  • Satellites
  • Space & Aerospace Collectibes
  • Launch Accessories
  • Precision Connectors & Couplers
  • Waveguide Components
  • Engines & Turbines
  • Prototypes
  • Contract Manufacturing Overruns


  • Optical Devices
  • Propellant Tanks
  • Rocket Stage Components
  • Bus Structures
  • Solar Arrays
  • Deployable Structures
  • Electronics
  • Jigs & Fixtures
  • Mission Manuals, Blueprints, & Drawings
  • Space Media & Related Content

Why Post with SpaceExcess?

SpaceExcess provides a one-stop shop for excess inventory and hard-to-source precision parts.

SpaceExcess is specifically tailored to the documentation and regulatory requirements of the aerospace industry.

SpaceExcess allows long-duration listings suitable for obscure equipment. Items relist for up to a year with no extra charges.

SpaceExcess charges no reserve fees, so you can list items low, risk-free, to drive interest.

Why warehouse or destroy valuable equipment that you can profitably sell?