About SpaceExcess

The founders of SpaceExcess come from different backgrounds, but they share the same passion for space exploration, the commercial space industry, and anything related to aerospace in general. The company's CEO, Bill Cress, realized in 2016 that there was no existing online marketplace for the entire spectrum of space and aerospace surplus, so he and his co-founders joined forces to create this unique service to the aerospace industry.

SpaceExcess aims to be the biggest and most comprehensive online venue for anything space and aerospace related. The site attracts industry buyers, private space and aerospace collectors, space and aerospace museum curators, historians of space technology, and anyone else with an interest in space surplus. Featured inventory includes excess factory spacecraft, launch vehicle hardware, excess components, production overruns, cancelled program hardware, new and needed parts, current and legacy manuals, blueprints, and systems software, and flown-in-space collectibles.

SpaceExcess is tailored to aerospace and space industries, with particular emphasis on product conformance documentation and regulatory compliance (esp. ITAR and EAR). This creates an environment where buyers and sellers can trade confidently in surplus space and aerospace material that might otherwise be relegated to a warehouse or destroyed outright.

We hope you give the site a try!

SpaceExcess Team

William P. Cress

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer

Eric W. Davis

Chief Scientist
Chief Compliance Officer

Hailey Bright

Creative Media
Promotions Strategist

Anu P. Bowman

Chief Operations Officer
Chief Marketing Officer

Robert M. Freeland II

Chief Technology Officer