The online marketplace for anything space and aerospace related.

About SpaceExcess

SpaceExcess is the online marketplace for spacecraft, launch vehicle hardware, components, and system software, as well as collectibles from past space missions.

SpaceExcess provides a one-stop portal for sales and purchase of excess inventory, overruns, cancelled program space hardware, and needed parts for active space systems. It provides the community with a much-needed marketplace for space hardware salvage, tailored to aerospace professionals, universities, and collectors.

Most importantly, this marketplace has been structured in collaboration with experts in regulatory compliance -- including ITAR and EAR -- to help identify qualified buyers.

Examples Include:

  • Non-Controlled Mil-Spec Components
  • Hardware
  • Satellites
  • Space & Aerospace Collectibes
  • Launch Accessories
  • Precision Connectors & Couplers
  • Waveguide Components
  • Engines & Turbines
  • Prototypes
  • Contract Manufacturing Overruns


  • Optical Devices
  • Propellant Tanks
  • Rocket Stage Components
  • Bus Structures
  • Solar Arrays
  • Deployable Structures
  • Electronics
  • Jigs & Fixtures
  • Mission Manuals, Blueprints, & Drawings
  • Space Media & Related Content


The founders of SpaceExcess come from different backgrounds, but they share the same passion for space exploration, the commercial space industry, and anything related to aerospace in general. They met through aerospace research organizations, where they served in various capacities on the planning committees of industry conferences.

In 2016, Bill Cress realized that there was no existing online marketplace for the entire spectrum of space and aerospace surplus, so he approached his co-founders about creating this unique service to the aerospace industry.

The SpaceExcess site launched in 2017, and much of the following year was spent scouring the country for aerospace inventory suitable for the site. This turned up a number of individuals and businesses with remarkable collections from the Apollo and Shuttle programs, as well as manufacturers with new, never-used inventory from production overruns.

Now the SpaceExcess site is coming out of "stealth mode" and attracting a broader audience of buyers and sellers of aerospace hardware and collectibles.

SpaceExcess Team

William P. Cress

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer

Eric W. Davis

Chief Scientist
Chief Compliance Officer

Anu P. Bowman

Chief Operations Officer
Chief Marketing Officer

Robert M. Freeland II

Chief Technology Officer

Hailey Bright

Creative Media
Promotions Strategist